Military Lingo

What if a civilian walked in your shoes for 24 hours? Would they understand how to get to the head, find the water hole or get through a session of pt? Would a civilian understand that the head is the restroom and the water hole is a term that both describes the water fountain but also the “rumor mill/chit chat” that you would normally find in any job location. In that respect the military is very much the same. I mean people are people and although the average military active duty human being has a tighter hair cut, a more groomed appearance and knows how to use their manners, human interaction is very much the same, albeit a few salutes to your higher ups.  Why do the armed forces have these words? Wikipedia says that Military slang is an array of colloquial terminology used commonly by US military personnel. That about sums it up you would think. But it doesn’t stop there. Wiki goes on to explain that military terms can be unique to each branch of armed forces. Of course most of the civilian world knows that some terms are abbreviations or acronyms of the Phonetic AlphabetMilitary lingo can also be used to push camaraderie among our military. The words used are often humorous and can sometimes be used to stir up the passion between rivalry branches of the military. It doesn’t seperate our armed forces, it brings them together. I can still remember the days of saying to the Army recruits at Ft.Sill Oklahoma “Aint Ready 2 B A Marine Yet,” the not so subtle acronym of Army. Of course I got my share of that with “My Ass Rode In Navy Equipment”. The important thing to remember is that as members of our armed forces, active and former, we all shared in the common terms of everyday life serving our country. And we all, military and civilians alike have had our moments of getting Fd Up Beyond All Recognition. In that my friends, we are all human.

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