Sending Message to the Military Compensation Commission


I need your help.  Neil Cohen brought a great guest on our program this last Monday and he brought up the fact that there is a Commission that is about to recommend pay cuts, housing allowance cuts, increases in Tri Care payments and taxing housing and food allowances (among other things).  I found their website for public comments tonight and I would like for each of you to put a comment, even a short comment that says “Don’t cut our Veterans Pay or Allowances” on their comment board so that we go on record opposing any cuts.  You can see from my comment that there will be a “natural” decrease in pay over the next few years for good reasons, real reasons.  We do not want additional cuts put into the budget that actually hurt our military families.  Please take a moment and go to this website: and just put in something. And pass this along to others of our team and any of your friends who might help.

Dear Commission,

There are a lot of fabricated myths in the press and on line that are factually incorrect, misleading or a completely false statement.  Comments like the one that the Center for American Progress put out that says Military Compensation is rising so fast that it will eat up the entire DoD budget in just a few years is patently false.  John Podesta and the organization he founded should know better.  The sad part is that they do know better, but they push this into the media and the media repeats it.  The Congress would have to triple the pay and benefits of our service men and women across all components of “Total Compensation” to achieve the claim made by the Center for American Progress.  Any reasonable person knows this to be false, but they have it on their website and the media is repeating it.  We, as a nation, are instead entering a period where special combat pay and other pay will go down dramatically, total force strength will drop by tens of thousands and the half percent bump in pay that has been authorized for the last few years will go away.  The DoD is also proposing to delay housing construction to cut costs.  DoD is proposing other cuts to save money and reduce the budget and or slow its growth.  Please do not cut housing or food allowances.  Please do not tax them either.  Sincerely, Michael Lee Philips, Host of SideView on Nation First Radio and founder of American Veteran Voice.


Mike Philips

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