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I remember the first time I saw Robert ZDars face on the television. most people know him as the maniac cop, but I knew him as face in Tango & cash. You see in the early 90s I was 10 years old and my parents wouldn’t let me watch those “scary movies. So I often had to sneak the movies from the horror genre . But Tango and Cash was on the TNT or something similar to it every weekend.  It was Kurt Russel and Sly Stallone and in the 90s they were ruling the cinema. Sly Stallone is a badass and Robert ZDar beat him good. I often put Robert ZDars face on the faces of my enemies in my dreams. I’m one of those I can manipulate my dreams type. When my friend Jeremy Morehead told me that he had written a script based on a local Urban Legend I was immediately fascinated by the fact that such a local legend even existed. So of course I did my research. And during that process I found The Bunny Man originated from two incidents in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1970, but has been spread throughout the Washington, D.C. area. The legend has many variations; most involve a man wearing a rabbit costume who attacks people with an axe.

Many variations occur around Colchester Overpass, a Southern Railway overpass spanning Colchester Road near Clifton. Colchester Overpass is commonly referred to as “Bunny Man Bridge”.

Versions of the legend vary the Bunny Man’s name, motives, weapons, victims, description of the bunny costume or lack thereof, and possible death. In some accounts, victims’ bodies are mutilated. But let me digress you could all very easily learn all of this by using the Internet. When I was approached I immediately wanted to read the script. When I got my hands on it I read the script that same day. It was full of gore, comedy and some really intense movements. And let’s not forget boobs. It’s a B horror comedy so it has to have its moments of nudity. After reading the scrip and making some suggestions that were mostly ignored we immediately began to speculate about how one former marine who was working undercover loss prevention at the time, and one grocery store manager, both with ambitions of filmmaking and love for cinema and the horror genre could make a movie together. Now most people in this industry would tell you right off the back its about money. And yes that’s mostly true. However you can make a film with modest equipment and a very low budget and make millions. Take the Blair witch project or Paranormal activity. The thing that you want to Dow when starting anything is to find likeminded people who are also interested in reaching the same goals as you are. Which in this case is seeing the film from start to finish into fruition. Find people you can work with where you can foster a culture of creativity and cohesiveness. You know that guy that thinks his shit don’t stink because he has  with the tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in a bedroom of his house that he calls a studio, leave that guy alone. If he’s put all that money into his equipment but he’s still working out of a bedroom in his house then he may not be the guy you’re looking for to elevate your project. When it came to choose who we wanted to have in the film to make a big impact we immediately thought back to our childhoods. In the year 2015 nostalgia for the things we loved as a kid is back in a big way. The first contact we had with Robert was the director contacting him through Facebook and getting some items signed via the mail for a small nominal and very affordable fee. The fact is Robert didn’t even want money although he needed it very much. His girlfriend at the time was a compulsive gambler and used to run off with his checks to the casino. Robert ZDar or Bobby Z as some of his friends like to refer to him as. The director has some items signed had a great experience and because of that great experience he felt compelled to call him. Unfortunately he had several drinks before feeling compelled to call him. And he called him very late. I know because I was there. We were drinking after a Long meeting about crowd funding. We were terrified in the morning. Hungover and hurting. Not just physically either. I’m talking we were emotionally crushed that we had done such a bonehead thing which might have ruined the opportunity of getting Robert ZDar in our film. A few weeks after that phone call I was in Chicago, the home state of Robert ZDar where he was actually a police officer in Chicago for some time. Walking the beat in reality probably had a great deal of why he played the role of the maniac cop so well. We decided that it was time to make the proper moves to acquire an agreement with Horror Icon Robert ZDarsky to star in our film. I was biting my nails and pacing back and forth whiles with my cousin in Chicago. You see I was anticipating speaking to Robert ZDar but nothing could prepare you for that deep voice. Robert had Cherubism which helped to give him that. Dry recognizable face and that chin that is so well known in the movie industry. Cherubism is a rare genetic disorder that causes prominence in the lower portion in the face. The name is derived from the temporary chubby-cheeked resemblance to putti, often confused with cherubs, in Renaissance paintings. That distinct look that would deter some from having confidence didn’t stop Robert and that is what I have learned from him. To continue on with relentless forward progress in the face of adversity. Thank You Mr.ZDar, Bobby Z my friend and fellow screen sharer on Easter Sunday Movie.

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