Dee Parker


Since the age of 10, selling t-shirts at church, Mr. Parker has been mixing his business savvy with physical fitness, training, and defense. The 13 year old undefeated boxer had no idea that he’d go on to studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Washington or joining the army for 8 years of service in logistics. While in the army he spent his down-time training soldiers in perfecting their shooting skills, the beginnings of what would in a few short years become his Virginia-based self defense and firearms training company, Trouble Defense. In 2014, Dee linked back up with the world of boxing and is currently the Chief Developmental Officer (CDO) of Raw Boxing Organization where he assists with the development of professional boxers while promoting and sponsoring some of best fighters in our nation. Now in 2016 he brings all his expertise together as the host of The Trouble Zone on, which provides the latest gun talk and defensive tips to keep families protected from today’s crime.

Fun Facts About Dee

Favorite Firearms
Springfield XDM, Heckler & Koch USP, Springfield 1911 EMP
Favorite Books
The Power of Broke (Daymond John) Rich Dad Poor Dad (T. Kiyosaki) The Brand within (Daymond John)
People Most Influenced By
My wife and kids, Dexter Craig.
Relaxation to Me Is
Playing videos games, fishing, shooting at the range
What Most People Don't Know About Me
I'm really shy but due to my line of work you would never know.


Time waits for no man...neither do I.