Self proclaimed chef. Food is an art I’ve mastered by throwing every real chef I’ve ever worked with into a pot and making the best damn stew you’ve ever tasted. It has become a passion. Although the long hours in a kitchen after 20 years proved to be going nowhere, so I hung that hat to sell guns. It’s been a journey but the guns don’t boil as fast as a chef will. When not at work I enjoy spending time with my new family I’ve created with my wife Sara as well as planning the next big step towards taking over the world with my brother Josh. It’s not as simple as Pinky and The Brain made it seem. Stay tuned.

Fun Facts About Jeremiah

Favorite Movie
Top Gun
Favorite Saying
I feel the need. The need for speed.
Favorite Book
Anything that’s been turned into a movie so I don’t have to read.
Favorite Color
A combination of Red White and Blue because America!
Something That Most People Don't Know About Me
I’m a kindergarten photographer, a self made exorcist, and I love Pinky and the Brain Cartoons.


It’s classified. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.